Care instructions

Cleaning your items

Do not use any cleaning products on your item or immerse in water. Please use a damp cloth or static duster. A gentle blast from your hair dryer every now and then should also keep your item dust free.

Copper & brass beads

If the copper or brass beads on your item are looking a little sad, polish them with some 0000 grade super fine steel wool.

Do not remove the beads from the tassels as you will not be able to get them back on without A LOT of hassle!

Kinks in your tassels

If your tassels have become wavy or have some kinks in them, use your hair dryer on a warm, gentle setting and blow-dry your tassels as you would your hair (minus the brush!).

Be sure to use a gentle setting as having the hairdryer on too hard could unravel the yarn.