Creating a keepsake: First birthday time capsule

Create a keepsake: first birthday time capsule - The Little Shindig Shop

A time capsule is a sentimental way to celebrate your child's first birthday.

Create a unique and beautiful gift for your child, filled with letters from family and friends, along with keepsakes from their first birthday and delight in watching them open it on their 18th birthday.

Getting started

Depending on how much you want to include in your time capsule, you will want to choose a box that will stand the test of time and be big enough for all of the items you choose to put in – you could create your own or purchase a ready-made one.

Next you will want to get in touch with family and friends, asking for help to create a time capsule for your child by way of a letter.

What to include in your time capsule

Along with the letters from family and friends, you could include:

• A copy of their first birthday invitation
• Photos or a small photo book from the day including guests
• Guest list
• A family tree
• A newspaper from the day of their first birthday
• A few party decorations
• Cake topper or candle
• Birthday cards from relatives and friends
• First birthday outfit
• Any other special mementos

    The gift that keeps on giving

    No matter what you include in your time capsule or how big or small it is, you can look forward to the day when your child is able to open it and read the words that were written just for them and look through all the beautiful mementos from their first birthday.

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